Elohim Kingdom Ministries is blessed to have a leadership team who are truly dedicated to Christ and accomplishing His will. Following are brief bio's of our leadership team and their qualifications for ministry.

Apostle Wes Warren

Apostle Wes is the Apostolic Leader of Elohim Kingdom Ministries. He is committed to restoring communities, one father, child, and or family at a time by addressing various issues which may hinder person’s positive progression. Through the ministry gift of revelation, prophetic grace and a teaching mantle that ignites healing of the mind. Apostle Wes helps people to understand the process of walking in divine purpose.

The attributes that best describe Apostle Wes are strong illustrative teaching, leadership, development and counseling. He has expressed a burning desire to be a difference maker making disciples of men and women. Apostle Wes has helped create a Kingdom Culture with Love being the standard and dynamic worship at Elohim Kingdom Ministries. In addition, at Elohim Kingdom biblical views are embraced and encouraged, through Kingdom Citizens who care about the needs of those around them and who want to connect others to the body of Christ. Apostle Wes takes worship and teaching very seriously, spending hours in Prayer and the word.

While working diligently, encouraging, challenging, and teaching people to make a positive impact in their home, church, & community. Apostle Wes still believes in putting family first. He and his wife, Prophetess Shauntae, have been in relationship for 30 years (married 25) and they have five beautiful children. Apostle Wes believes in living life by divine purpose and is inspired to help others utilize the gifts within themselves with the belief that collectively we may affect positive change in our communities, churches & households.

Prophetess Shauntae Warren

Prophetess Shauntae Warren, better known as Pastor Shauntae, advances the kingdom with her husband, Apostle Wes at Elohim Kingdom Ministries. She is a woman after God’s own heart and is passionate about family, empowering others, prophetic worship and the next generation. As a true worshipper, she is known for leading others into the inner court of worship through the song and sound of the Lord. In addition, she is a Prophetic vessel that teaches the word in a practical manner that everyday people can relate too. Pastor Shauntae received prophetic training and apostolic advancement for over 20 years. Pastor Shauntae is a servant leader with an entrepreneurial spirit, she is the founder of Woman 2 Woman International, a ministry that empowers women through helping them identify the power, beauty and wisdom they posses within themselves while overcoming the issues that hinder their progress.

Furthermore, she understands the value and power of relationship both linear and vertical. Therefore, Pastor Shauntae and her husband founded “Love with Less Stress”, a relationship education enterprise in which they are called, “Relationship Navigators” because they help people navigate through the twist and turns of relationships. Although Pastor Shauntae is active in ministry, business, and the community. She continues to function with a family first mindset. Her belief is that families should represent the Kingdom of God. She loves making sure that the needs of her husband and her children (The Fab-Five) are met. She truly is a Proverbs 31 woman that also encourages others to improve through promoting a mindset that “teamwork makes the dream work.”